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Meet Dennis Donavan

As a teenager,I was always fascinated at the people running the music for the rides at the State and County Fairs. They were the Entertainers for the riders… I would even come home and pretend like I was like them and practice.:)

Then, at our yearly family Christmas parties, I would volunteer to set up a Dj Booth in my Aunt’s basement and to entertain and to put together appropriate music for the special night. I always wanted to be in charge of the music!

In the late 90’s, I filled in for a DJ at a major Columbus nightclub when their DJ was out and the crowd loved my services so much that the club hired me full time. From then on, my interest in the Music/Entertainment Industry has progressed.

I truly believe I have been given a gift for this occupation, a real gift that has truly been given to only a few of us…

God Bless!

Dennis J. Donavan
Moving People Entertainment